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It’s Fall: time for some baked drumsticks!

6 Oct

Fall is here. It’s the season I want to pick up all the orange and red leaves on the ground. It’s the season Portland starts to rain almost every day. It’s the season pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and hot chocolate take over my life.

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Life lately

21 Sep

It’s been two months since my last post. My laziness is always the winner. Instead of blogging, I sit on a couch on the weekends, waiting for Breaking Bad to be on air, and eat stuff. And I realize myself missing my little space. (took me 2 months!) So here you go, my life “lately”.

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A Week before the Relay…

18 Jul

Our 8 Track Relay starts this Saturday. As a person who used to dislike PE class, especially running, I found myself scared but surprisingly a little excited!

So I decided to have a short post about how we prepare ourselves this week for the Relay.
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Kofta! 吃不膩的中東味兒

16 Jul

So I had my first food cart experience in Portland. Two years since the day I moved here, I finally stood in front of one of these citywide vehicles; got cash ready looking forward to my night snack.

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26 Jun


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22 Jun


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17 Jun


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