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Life lately

21 Sep

It’s been two months since my last post. My laziness is always the winner. Instead of blogging, I sit on a couch on the weekends, waiting for Breaking Bad to be on air, and eat stuff. And I realize myself missing my little space. (took me 2 months!) So here you go, my life “lately”.

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A Week before the Relay…

18 Jul

Our 8 Track Relay starts this Saturday. As a person who used to dislike PE class, especially running, I found myself scared but surprisingly a little excited!

So I decided to have a short post about how we prepare ourselves this week for the Relay.
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The Fourth of July

8 Jul

Last week was rough to me. I was so stressed about work and life that I didn’t look forward to the 4th of July long weekend at all.

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26 Jun


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17 Jun


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18 May


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12 May


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