It’s Fall: time for some baked drumsticks!

6 Oct

Fall is here. It’s the season I want to pick up all the orange and red leaves on the ground. It’s the season Portland starts to rain almost every day. It’s the season pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and hot chocolate take over my life.

Can you believe I haven’t had a single pumpkin spiced latte this year? I also stop myself from reaching out any dark chocolate in my grocery shopping trips (for two weeks!) so hopefully I can reduce the time spending with my dentist. I brush my teeth every day like a good girl. It’s just not fair. Dentist is always my biggest fear. If the world is going to end tomorrow, I will choose to die in zombie’s hands over dentist’s.

After my dentist appointment this Friday, I thought I could go shop. (I need new shoes!) Turns out, I wrapped myself with blanket, sitting on the couch, watching Parks and Recreation, and drinking orange juice out of straw as my lunch. I felt so cold and exhausted from the anesthetic (or dentist) that my beautiful Friday was not fun.

Okay enough with dentists. Let’s talk Fall, the season I am not afraid of turning on the oven anymore. Drumsticks are perfect for Fall. I like to marinate them the night before. When I get home from work the next day, just pop them in the oven. They are good with warm veggies such as roasted brussel sprouts and sauteed kale. In this season, it’s a good idea to roast some squash as a side to make an one-oven dinner.

Here are several we’ve tried and liked.

Mediterranean Baked Chicken with Kalamata Olives (recipe here)

Chicken Adobo (recipe here)

Simple garlic butter baked drumsticks
I made this when I get too lazy. No herbs and extra ingredients. Just make garlic butter and drizzle on the chicken. season with salt and pepper.

On Saturday we went to a BBQ party hosted by a wonderful couple Blake met from crossfit. This is the first party where most of the people eat paleo. So the cooler is full of hard cider instead of beer! Oh how I love cider. Anyways, these smoked burgers made with ground beef, bacon and cheese are sooooo delicious.

Have a great week!


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