Weekly: Relay, 2nd Anniversary

26 Jul

Friday is my favorite day of the week. On Friday I look forward to things we are going to do or simply nothing to do over the weekend. It is also the only weekday I can listen to music on my way home. If I get lucky and have a small step forward at work, Friday gets even better.

The past week has been fun. I ran more than I expected at the Relay. Even though my total miles are not even half compared to the good runners, I feel that I accomplishd something before I turn 30 next month.

At my last run at the Relay, our ipod battery died. I ran 4 miles with no music. And my hips started to talk to me.

“Master, we don’t feel good. We have to rest.”
“You are fine. We have 1 mile done already.”
“There’re still 3 miles left? Just so you know we camped last night and we really miss the soft mattress at home.”
“Just shut up and work with me here.”

So, we finished. Here are some snapshots.

It is our 2nd anniversary this Tuesday. We had a delicious dinner at Olympic Provisions. (Highly recommend for meat eaters like us!)

Then we went to Jimmy Mak’s for some good Jazz.

Right now, a normal Friday night. We are watching Breaking Bad after a simple meal, resting from our workouts of the day, and ready for the weekend.


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