A Week before the Relay…

18 Jul

Our 8 Track Relay starts this Saturday. As a person who used to dislike PE class, especially running, I found myself scared but surprisingly a little excited!

So I decided to have a short post about how we prepare ourselves this week for the Relay.


Blake (husband) has run 2 half marathons so this is a piece of cake to him. My workout is usually 30 minutes short. A month ago, I started to run longer once in a week so my knees and hips can be aware of their upcoming challenge. Other than that, our weekly workouts don’t change much.

Blake Me
Monday 1hr Crossfit 30mins Cardio
Tuesday 45mins Soccer Game Rest Day
Wednesday 1hr Crossfit 30mins Cardio
Thursday 1hr Crossfit 30mins Strength
Friday Rest Day Rest Day

This week we eat more sweet potatoes for post-workout recovery. Add bananas in smoothie and shakes, which we haven’t done for a long time.

Some quick snapshots.

Sweet Potato Cooked with Coconut Oil (Drizzled with Melted Kerrygold Butter!)

Sweet Potato, Celery, Apple Salad + Roast Garlic Drumsticks

The salad is bomb. So delicious and worth all the chopping! (Thank you Blake!) Click for recipe here. We omit cilantro (Blake says NO cilantro) and radish (We were simply out:)).

Guacamole (Sorry about the picture. I was too hungry.)

Mixed Berries, Cherries, Goji Berries and Banana Smoothie

Plan for the Day

To avoid gobbling down any deep fried food they sell there after our run, we have been working on our eating plan for the day. These are what we’ve got so far.

Lunch Meat ( lunch meat + guac is the best!)
Salad stuff
Beef Jerky
Protein Powder
Coconut Water
Tea Bags

And also camping stuff, books, magazines, changing clothes, oh never forget dark chocolate, and our smart phones for sure…You can see I am not good at making lists.

Will be FUN!


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